George and Greg in front of the White House - Etch A Sketch of US Capitol building

I've always acknowledged that art is a God-given talent. I've been drawing since I was two years old, but the real magic on the Etch A Sketch started in 1989 on our family trip to Washington D.C. Before we left, we stopped over my grandparents' house to say goodbye. My mom pulled out her old 1960's Etch A Sketch so my brother and I would have something to play with in the car. I etched a picture of the U.S. Capitol. When I was finished, my mom and dad were amazed! My dad saw it and immediately stopped at a gas station to take a picture of my creation before I erased it. I could have never imagined that after standing outside the gates of the White House, my artwork on an Etch a Sketch would some day get me invited into the Oval Office.

George, Greg and the family on our trip to the White House