Greg received a scholarship to Cleveland Institute of Art, but after one year decided to follow his first love, basketball. He is a recent graduate of Cleveland State University where he played Division I basketball and earned a degree in graphic design with honors. Consumed with sports since an early age, Greg is now focusing on his artwork using a unique style George and Greg have developed to establish himself as his own accomplished artist. He has been commissioned by different professional athletes and teams to create artwork. Greg also takes photographs for different athletes, their websites, and projects for GV Art + Design.

Best known for his Etch A Sketch art, George has been drawing since the age of two. Chosen by Scholastic as one of the top high school portfolios in the country he decided to stay close to home and attend the Cleveland Institute of Art graduating top of his class with a BFA in graphic design. George is world renowned for his Etch A Sketch art, but what most people don't realize he is that he's also an accomplished artist and award-winning art director and designer.

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